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Dependable Auto Body in College Park, MD

Below the outside panels of your vehicle, there is a structural support system called the frame of your car. It is designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in case of a collision and it is the structure of what your car is built on. Frame damage is when the integrity of your frame has been compromised which means there may be damage to the parts of the vehicle that provide structural support. Here at C&D Auto Body, we are here to assist you in the repair of your vehicle’s damages with dependable collision repair in College Park, MD and beyond.


We are the first fully aluminum certified repair facility within a 10-mile radius of our area. What makes C&D different from any other repair shop is our experience, expertise, training, and commitment to repair every vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications and return the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You can count on C&D Auto Body for quality work on your car's auto body in College Park, MD.


Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical process where steel comes into contact with aluminum. When using tools that are used for steel repairs on an aluminum panel, it will immediately start the corrosion process. This occurrence happens when the aluminum tools come into contact with steel panels. Even when steel dust or aluminum dust would come into contact with each other, galvanic corrosion would take place. That is why it is very critical for a repair facility to be adequately certified in repairs, have designated tools, and a separated and closed-off room or facility. 

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