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Alpha Romeo ProFirst Collision Repair


C & D Auto Body is a proud partner of the Alpha Romeo ProFirst Collison Repair Program. Designed to keep your Acura/Honda in factory condition after an accident, we have the proven experience to make it look like nothing ever happened and put a smile back on your face!

Choosing where to have your Alpha Romeo repaired after an accident can be difficult, especially if it has been several years since your most recent fender bender. Vehicle technology has changed considerably in the past ten years, and cars are not built the way they were 25 years ago!


No other shop understands this better than we do and no other area collision repair facility is more prepared to bring your Alpha Romeo back to its factory-built standards.

2020 Car alpha romeo.jpg

What is an Alpha Romeo ProFirst Collison Repair Facility?

We are glad you asked! Being an Alpha Romeo ProFirst Collision Repair Facility means we have met the criteria from Alpha Romeo to be recognized as a certified partner with a thorough knowledge of how to properly repair your car after an accident.


You may have concerns about vehicle safety, vehicle value retention and whether your Alpha Romeo will look the same after collision damage. Through our repair process, we can ensure that your car will be safe, the value will be retained the best we can, and yes, it will look like it did before the accident!

Benefits of a Alpha Romeo Certified Collision Repair

  • Original Alpha Romeo Parts

  • Computerized Factory Match Paint & Refinish

  • Tools & Equipment to meet Acura/Honda's Demanding Repair Standards

  • I-CAR Certified Repair Technicians

  • Maintain Original Factory Warranty

  • Full-Service Collision Repair – Small Dents to Major Damage

  • Convenient Hours – Open Saturdays!

  • Acura/Honda Specific Training

Image by Tom Strecker

When we use original Alpha Romeo parts to replace damaged parts, we are using what Acura/Honda used to build your car. OEM parts are always the best choice for appearance, fit, safety, and maintaining structural integrity, not to mention that all important value! Plus, using OEM parts will help retain your factory warranty!  


We want you to enjoy your Alpha Romeo for years to come, and nothing brings us more joy than your 100% satisfaction with our work!  


We can work on all types of collision damage and can work directly with your insurance company to expedite your claim!

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