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Auto Detailing 
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Auto Detailing is the act of performing a deep cleaning, restoration and refinishing of a vehicle. Auto detailing is broken down into two categories exterior and interior detailing. 


Interior Detailing is the process of cleaning the interior cabin of a vehicle. The interior of a vehicle is comprised of many different materials, such as leather, faux leather, plastics, nylon, polyester, carbon fiber composites, alcantara, vinyl, and others. Many different techniques and tools must be used to refinish the interior cabin due to the vast amount of different materials present. 

Exterior detailing is the process of cleaning the outside surfaces of the car’s finish which includes painted panels, trims, windows, wheels, wheel wells, tires and other exterior components of a vehicle. The most common products used for exteriors are detergents, degreasers, detailing clay, waxes, dressings and polishes/compounds. Once the detail is completed the exterior of the vehicle exceeds its original condition. 



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